New guy here

What's up,

Been lurking for over a year, getting useful info every week from here.
Wanna be part of the fun and discussion, after being completely annoyed by YouTubers who promote rather than inform.


Am I in the right way to 1K$/day?

Hi dear,
My main goal it's to reach 1000$/day within 3 months and I want to start a journey about that in the journey section, but before that I want to collect information and advices here in this thread before starting in my journey!

My plan it's to collect 1000 KW and try to rank for those 1K kws and get at least 1$/day from every KW's so it will be 1K$/day!

How I'll rank!
Creating a website about every KW and let the domain the same main keyword and write at least 5 article including…

Am I in the right way to 1K$/day?

How to get coupan ?

How these coupon sites get coupons from amazon and other sites.

Can I give the coupon to my audience from which i can profit ? If yes then how?

Will I get Amazon affiliate commission if someone go through my aff link and uses my coupon ?

Aged accounts get roadblocked the same day after posting a couple of links to my business site

I've recently purchased a batch of old accounts from 2008. The accounts come with no activity, and no profile picture (how they lasted so long with zero activity is beyond me, I thought Facebook do regular sweeps for dead accounts?).

Anyway I tested the first one and I decided to start posting my business around some local groups. I snagged 2 clients but then the account got roadblocked and asked me to upload a new image. This was within 24 hours.

Now, before I use the other aged accounts…

Aged accounts get roadblocked the same day after posting a couple of links to my business site

alexa rank got dropped

My alexa rank got dropped what the hell just happened i just used traffic spirit but it was increasing at first but suddenly it got dropped why it just happened ?

How do I get “fake” Skills & Endorsements on LinkedIn?

So I am a LinkedIn newbie, however I am currently on a project of creating "social proof" online.

One of the main social proof activities is to have a LinkedIn Profile filled with 500+ connections and tons of skill endorsements. This will help in advancing fast in any career, find business partners and so on.

help me solve this problem

hey guys i bought my domain at namesilo. i have installed wordpress and i have just began customizing the site. but i noticed something odd when i searched my site name online.

why do i see this ? and when i click on the website it takes me to my site . but i cant seem to figure out why the fuck godaddy shows up i dont even have a godaddy domain ? please help

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