Instagram + CPA Journey to 5$/Day

5$/day you may ask? Yeah it may sound like a small goal and it really is. However I'm looking to learn without spending too much money as I'm still new to this. I would like to try and maintain 0.5 – 1$ earnings per account daily before trying to scale up.

The Plan:

  • Buy 10 Aged PVA Accounts 12.50$
  • Buy 10 Proxies (which provider would you recommend out of these: MassProxy, Instantproxies, proxymillion?) ~10$
  • Buy 3-4 Domains…

Instagram + CPA Journey to 5$/Day

oGADS shaving???

So, I noticed big decrease in conversion on ogads, and not only me in 2017… Also one user assured me he completed an offer and I didnt see the lead… I think they are shaving many leads….

[JV] My adult site your backlinks tools – Let’s make some cash

I will keep this straight to the point.

I will share one of my adult site and my research and knowledge about adult sites with someone that have backlinks tools like GSA, xrumer, scrapebox. I know exactly how an adult site can be ranked in top of google with the help of those tools.

We go into this venture with full transparency and we split incomes 50-50.