Smart vs. Dumb Crypto Speculation… A Semi-Serious Analogy

There are basically two types in any speculation. This write up may be biased and make fun of people. Reaching your dreams isn't child's play, but this can clear up the fear and uncertainty

But, it can hopefully save some of you guys from paying with your asses. This post can also clear up the uncertainty and fear.

Don't read too far into this, it is only to demonstrate a point too many people are painfully missing. That is partially their fault and partially…

Smart vs. Dumb Crypto Speculation… A Semi-Serious Analogy – What is act=security_check…..

While i was unable to crawl my most of pages – i saw users posts get crawled through

How does it get created? I don't see any link on my page.

But what is after &to= ??

What is cGFnZS0xNTg1NDQ4MDBfNTIy….. and how and where can i get?

Please help.

People not following back

Hey, i have a problem. I just started a twitter account and im trying to grow it. I started with following people who liked tweets of famous people ( same niche as i have ) , im currently following 400, but i only got one person who followed back. This is very frustrating, i tried to create a new account but i still got the same results. Am i doing something wrong? Please help me

Facebook Automation

So Massplanner died and I'm considering other options for fb automation. I'm looking for a bot that sends friend requests based on page likes/group membership. Anyone know where I could get sth like that for less than 10$ a month?
Facedominater is out of the question since it's a little too pricey, but if nothing better pops up I might just go for it.

Selling my kidney for crypto

Since I'm late and I don't have enough money to invest significant amounts, I'v got only 1.9 LTC, I have decided to sell my kidney for 200k , invest 100 k into crypto. I'v done research on living with one kidney and it's all good, I don't drink alcohol, I have a good diet 70% vegetables 30 % meat, I do boxing and BJJ, I'm 22 years old. I haven't told my parents yet but I'm doing this for the family, once I become a millionaire, I will be a Philanthropist. I'll keep this updated.

Expiring domain advice

The local small company wants me to maintain their website. Domain is .com almost 12 months old. I want to move domain to my register and I have 3 options:

1. Let it to expire, then buy it after 30 – 40 days. I think it should cost $9
2. Transfer it to my register – Cost $35

Since it's very small company and they want the cheapest solution my question is; after old register drops domain will it cost same $9 like any other brand new .com domain or it will cost much more?

There is small…

Expiring domain advice

[FB Ads TRICK] How to Get High Click Through Rates on Your Ads

I have heard many people talk about their ads not getting clicks, low reach etc and when eventually the ads pick up, they have a hard time finding the best countries to scale to.

Well, I am going to share 2 tricks,

1-A Trick on getting high click through rates on your ads (Some may already know this..mostly for the newbies and intermediates)

2-How to effortlessly tell which countries are going to be winners to scale your ads without having to…

[FB Ads TRICK] How to Get High Click Through Rates on Your Ads