On mobile cannot copy the words?

Written by  on January 15, 2018

Sometimes u post others video , so need to put credit

I using iPhone here cannot copy their name

is kinda hard to manual type

wonder is there a way to copy their name for credit


Partner for viral website?

Written by  on January 15, 2018

Hi everyone,

I've created a viral website and I need someone to work with me and make some money
i have the idea the name the site the design and everything you need to start, am very excited about this website and i have a big hope that it will succeed.

The only problem is, i'm not a very good English speaker :D

Site name zeldafeed, just type it in google to check it out ( zeldafeed com )

If you are interested feel free to talk with me.

APPC is about get listed on Huobi in about 7 hours

Written by  on January 15, 2018

Just putting it out there for those who want to make some quick bucks buying before trading pair gets released and it pumps.

Here's the announcement: https://www.huobipro.com/notice_detail/?id=869

problem with warming up accounts

Written by  on January 15, 2018

hello, i am needing some help here if possible.
few days ago i was warming my 4 years old IG account
following like 50-100 people per day. but today i tried to follow 20-30 people
per operation and the account got banned. i really don't understand how to warm up accounts honestly.
they will be fine if they follow 50-100 per day, but i don't get any conversions
at all.

Anyone knows how i should warm up my IG accounts?
sorry for noob question. i'm still new in this

Manage Multiple Accounts Separately On 1 Android Device

Written by  on January 15, 2018

I’m looking for a way to manage a few different insta accounts on the same android device without them being connected in any way. Ideally, I’d love to hear a solution that can switch my proxy, Device ID, etc. all in one- is there anyway to have multiple operating systems that also emulate different hardware to switch between on 1 android device? If not, any other ideas?


Written by  on January 15, 2018

Hello fellow BH members. I am Francis and still new here. I hope to learn more here and also share my knowledge on SEO with you guys.

Looking for someone building micro niche websites, amazon affiliate websites, etc

Written by  on January 15, 2018

So, Im a developer. I can code pretty much anything.

I'm basically looking for someone already building small websites in bulk and making money from them.

My idea is to build tools to automate the workflow.

I build the software, you the websites, we split the profits.

Your HQ traffic + My Private Offers = $$$

Written by  on January 15, 2018

Your HQ traffic + My Private Offers = $$$
i'm looking for anyone who can deliver high quality traffic , i have offers from Private networks like
Cashnetwork , others like Peerfly Etc .
anyone who has good traffic we can split profits .

please PM if anyone interested .

Your sms responder+my adult traffic

Written by  on January 15, 2018

If You have sms responder we can make $$$.My network and My traffic . Your sms responder. PM for details

JV Invitation

Written by  on January 15, 2018

People into TS as Publishers or Advertises are welcome. Lets talk Business.
Issues with Traffic and Sources, i can help in most possible way to get things done for you.
Adwords, Bing, Gemini and major Networks like Exoclick, Adcash, Juicy Ads i am currently working on.
Cm'on Bump in.