How to create a rss from a site that doesn’t allow…

Hi Guys,

Can anyone offer some advice on how to create a feed from sites like Gumtree, preloved etc that do not allow rss feeds to be created?

I have set up google alerts and talkwalker, but these are ready not suited to my needs.

I will be spending a hour or two today to improve my serp searching syntax skills so if I find a solution I will share here.



Anyone used CoinFalcon?

Hi there!

I just wanted to know if anyone has used CoinFalcon. I just registered and wanna see some opinions before making exchanges.


Glad to join BHW Community !

I would like to say Hi to all of you in this platform !

I'm a Content-writer who's looking forward to learn and build a knowledge base in this forum !

Thank you !

Is freelance writing a lost cause?

In terms of making a sufficient amount of money?

For me, that would be around $350 per month, as it would completely cover all my expenses: rent, utilities, food, etc.

I had intended to make freelance writing my side gig to accomplish this, while dedicating my time to another project that I love doing, and that would probably pay off in 2 years. I do get a couple of writing gigs from time to time, and had no complaints so far, but they are not nearly enough.

It seems that this market is…

Is freelance writing a lost cause?

help with prepaid cards , please help !

Hello ,
I get virtual prepaid cards on a daily basis , its CLEAN money , and its good money ( Up to 3-5k ) a month .
BUT I got bored of trying cash out them :(
its US cards which have limit ! its only work with US merchant !
I live in Germany , have German bank account . I Don't have us bank account .
This cards work with stripe ! any stripe ( us – German … ) .
stripe closed my German account ! and until now I cant find any alternative .
Most of payments gateway refuse to work with me ! I…

help with prepaid cards , please help !

Scammed by LinksManagement

Ive signed up with Links Management a while ago via a thread recommendation on BHW ( didnt save the thread so not sure of the page)
Ive created an account and added credits to receive some links and these links set my site back over 20 positions.. they were posting on low value sites and spammy sites. now although im not happy about it, this isnt the complaint ( as we know not all strategies work for all industries)

the problem for the last 3 months i have over $250 ( originally over $300)…

Scammed by LinksManagement

Google News removes hundreds of blogs/websites

Google News has purged their approved publishers.

It appears over the past few days, Google News have removed hundreds of blogs and websites from their platform. New articles are no longer indexed in Google News, but older articles remain.

One Twitter user reveals it's part of Google's SEO 'update'

Support topics are also being posted on Google News Support Forums from publishers:…

Google News removes hundreds of blogs/websites

Anyone tried Dviral?

People are saying that Dviral (dot) com is a good mylikes alternative for social media traffic. However, their site doesn't look legit to me at all. What do you guys think?