whats the alternative to Rental PBN’s

Written by  on June 14, 2018

does updating content pushes ranking up?

Written by  on June 12, 2018

Add LSI keyword article in main or as supporting

Written by  on May 14, 2018

If my main article is on " Best Chair for Old men" and is ranking on 12 position, for example. Its length is smaller than the articles ranking on top-3.

I have one more easy related LSI keyword like "Rent Chair for old men" with 2000 words content I want to rank for.

Should I add this new article in the already ranking article which would also increase its length or add this as supporting article?

Time for PBNs to show effect in 2018

Written by  on February 27, 2018


How much time does PBNs take to show their effect after they get indexed in 2018.

Scraped Content. Copy scape pass. 100% safe for use?

Written by  on February 14, 2018

I bought content from a seller which is scraped. I have checked the content in copyscape and also searched Random lines from articles in Google . No matches were found in both cases.

Can I use the content for high quality PBN links that I am going to buy?

Adding ranking LSIs in article

Written by  on January 4, 2018


I added the main keyword in the articles. Now, the articles are on second page and they are also ranking for related keywords which I didnot add in the articles. For example:

I added best cycle for women. Article is also ranking(mostly on second and third page) for related kws like
1. best women cycle
2. Best budget women cycle
3. best women cycle brand…..

But these 3 keywords are not added in the article. Should I edit the articles and add these ranking…

Adding ranking LSIs in article

Ranking in US. How to rank in Europe

Written by  on December 23, 2017

My business website is ranking on top page in my niche kws. There are related to manufacturing with search around 50-100 only.

I want to rank for same keywords in countries like denmark, germany, sweden,switzerland( europe) and also in Vietnam, middle east,etc

My website is in english and has .com domain.

Please advice.

My website ranking strategy

Written by  on December 6, 2017

I created a amazon aff website, added quality content with 2000+ words, optimised on page SEO similar to the one already ranking in same niche. Copied links from already ranking website like quality blog comments, scholarship edu backlinks only. No links were made on inner pages

Waited for 5-6 months. Some small search keyword are ranking on first page while high search keyword are on 3 page. I am getting sale conversion now.

What should I do next?

1. Create brand/naked URLs on…

My website ranking strategy