pics + watermark of url

Written by  on June 7, 2018

hey there
anyone tested to post pics with watermakr on it (to avoid url in bio) and got some traffic or no?

Because im thinking there will be close to zero clicks

proxy + phone number from different country

Written by  on May 24, 2018

hey, guys how you are dealing with situation when you account is on xxx country proxy and you try to verify it with another country number? because i always get error 'unsupported number'

link in bio – follow black spam

Written by  on May 23, 2018

hello, when i put unique domain link in bio i get follow block
any ideas how to avoid this? tried already with fresh clean mobile data ip's – no help

How much you got banned acc’s over weekend?

Written by  on April 3, 2018


I just want to know +- stats how much % of accounts you got banned this weekend? Im asking this just to know if there is something bad with my setup, because i got 50% banned. Im talking about spam accs with links.

Thanks who will share info

follow block from first try.

Written by  on February 14, 2018

hey there

any ideas how to overcome follow block when you are getting it for a first follow? – here 'slow warm up' proccess is not possible. Accounts are old, without followers, without url or 'bad' bio.

thanks for any idea