Introduction of Festinger

Written by  on April 19, 2018

Good morning everyone,

I just noticed that I haven't introduced myself properly on this forum. You might know me of the WordPress plugins/themes private storage thread, but I would like to introduce myself using this thread.

I have been working in the internet marketing for over 10 years now. Several years I have been working for a web developer company for a few years. From starting simple HTML websites to building all-in-one solutions for companies, such as complete webshops, data…

Introduction of Festinger

Advice requested for forum members that doesn’t read the guidelines

Written by  on April 16, 2018

Hello Blackhatters,

Since Oktober 2017 I am sharing you my personal collection of WordPress plugins and themes. For the users who haven't noticed the threads I am talking about, you can check them out below.


Advice requested for forum members that doesn't read the guidelines

Monetising Directory Website, in need of advice!

Written by  on March 17, 2018

Hello BHW-ers,

At this moment, I am busy with creating a directory website for people in the electronic dance music scene. The directory will include a lot of different companies who are participating in this niche, such as event companies, DJs, producers, clubs, PR people, and so on…

I got a very big list with these companies and their private contact information. I am using Brilliant Directories as software and I am examining which ways are the best profitable to monetise my website….

Monetising Directory Website, in need of advice!

Brilliant Directories, experience anyone?

Written by  on March 13, 2018

After searching for months for a decent solution to start a directory website, I came across Brilliant Directories. I have literally used many WordPress themes, but it has a huge lack of features. The problem is, that WordPress is offering these features I am looking for, but the themes which are compatible with these plugins are not professional.

Brilliant Directories is very expensive, but is offering the right features and design is…

Brilliant Directories, experience anyone?

BHW keeps loading bc Apricot told me so

Written by  on February 9, 2018


I keep trying to refresh the topic for new replies, but I cannot find them.
Can anybody tell me how this works?


Please add Jr. VIP forums to sidebar

Written by  on February 6, 2018


Thank you!

PayPal account has been banned again

Written by  on February 6, 2018

Hello fellow members,

My third PayPal account has been banned again. I have been using PayPal in the last three years for different purposes. The first account ban occurred in 2015, after opening too many disputes at the same time (ordered around 50 gigs on Fiverr and the author didn't delivered the products). Next, I opened a second account which was banned within a few months (same IP, different email, opened a new bank account and so on…).

So I opened a third one a few months ago….

PayPal account has been banned again

No feedback after reporting content/user

Written by  on January 25, 2018

Hello all,

On daily base I am reporting spam content and so on. In the past, I was receiving a notification whenever a report was closed and what action was taken. At this point, I am not receiving any reports any more. How come?

BHW Offline?

Written by  on December 14, 2017

What's going on guys? :(