Is it possible to make a Google map listing for a empty shop?

Written by  on April 12, 2018

Hi all, im just wondering if a map listing can be done for a empty shop? If i were to create loads of citations would this result in a map listing without having to verify it?

Which CPA networks for adult site?

Written by  on April 2, 2018

High all, im wondering which is the best paying / highest converting CPA for an adult site?

Are web 2 back links worth the effort?

Written by  on January 17, 2018

Hey all, so im in the process of building web 2 sites out. And im just wondering if all the effort is actually worth it? Does anyone have much success just using web 2 sites for ranking? Im in a competitive niche so i know i have my work cut out.

I've only ever used expired domains but there costly in the long run.

Amazon Affiliate Question

Written by  on January 2, 2018

Hi all, im currently building out a new site ready for Amazon, i havnt applied yet as i want my site to have plenty of content on it first.

My question is do i still link to products even though im not an affiliate yet? or just have no links but just the content?

Translating website content

Written by  on January 2, 2018

Does anyone know if i can translate my website content into different languages by using a translation software such as google translate?

Would it be good enough to rank website in foreign serps?