India: Some History and Context — “India’s Geography Problem” by Wendover Productions

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Thought this was interesting. Some context on Indian history/politics. Surely I'm not the only one who works with contractors in India daily while knowing fairly little about the country. Worth watching.

A tutorial on how to get that money

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Press F to Pay Respects for Newt Gingrich​

Make Money Selling Toilet Paper the Black Hat Way

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Step 1: Set your username to "Wa|mart"
Step 2: Charge $600 shipping
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit

I watched The Big Short two times but I dont get results

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I have tried a lot to become a millionaire

[Reputation Management / Takedown Notice Guide] Removing Defamatory Content, DMCA Notices, and Other

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Hello BHW,

Recently had to deal with a few competitors posting fake defamatory reviews about one of my services, which were successfully taken down through filing abuse reports.

I put together a brief guide to removing this type of slanderous content to share with some of my administrators and a few partners/colleagues in the same niche who were facing the same problem. Am dropping a generalized version of this here. Hope it helps some of you.

The text below refers to a Cease and…

[Reputation Management / Takedown Notice Guide] Removing Defamatory Content, DMCA Notices, and Other

[HAF/WTB] Seeking bulk provider of social signals for case study, must support orders of 500+ URLs

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See thread title.

Testing out a few things. Need a provider of social signals who can support a bulk order of many URLs and anchors.

Looked around on the marketplace, but sellers seemed to have many restrictions on quantity of URLs supported for orders.

If interested and/or you have suggestions for providers of this type of service, let me know in the comments.

You know what day it is

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WTF are you doing on BHW?

Recaptcha v3 Beta is Happening

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[HAF] Sort 3,816 pictures of clocks — EASY JOB

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See title.

I have 3,816 pictures of clocks. They need to be sorted into 144 different folders (12:45, 1:00, 3:30, 5:05, etc.)

This is really, truly, the easiest task in the world. Should be able to be completed in a day of work. Work must be completed within 48 hours from now. Ideally 24 hours from now.

Do you want to do this? Post in this thread or PM me.

$20 for the task.

EDIT: Job has been hired for. Thread is closed. Mods feel free to…

[HAF] Sort 3,816 pictures of clocks — EASY JOB