Advert Account Disabled

Recently my Facebook Ads Account has been disabled. I have a pending payment for the previous month (November) unpaid. My question is, will I get my money? Will Facebook pay me what I've earned?

What’s happening to Facebook Groups?

As much as I continue working with Facebook groups that much I get disappointed, since October 2017 Facebook changed something with its groups, the reach is not the same, the clicks I used to get were 90% more, there is a huge difference between then and now. If I was taking 100 clicks to my post, now I get 10 this is a dramatic change to all of us working with Facebook as a source for bringing traffic to our websites. Please help, this is an enormous problem I can't solve. Tried to change…

What's happening to Facebook Groups?

Newbie here to learn and possibly help someone with my knowledge

Hello BHW

It's my first time posting here and I want to introduce myself.

For almost year and a half I work with websites and ads using social media sites as tool to gain more traffic, mostly Facebook. I want to learn new tricks about gaining more traffic, solving problems we all face. Would love to learn more about Instagram and other sites such as Twitter. I also use Mass Planner as a tool for automating my accs. Could share some tips about it too.

I also want to share my…

Newbie here to learn and possibly help someone with my knowledge