LFH – Telemarketing Software

Written by  on November 6, 2018

{HELP} Regarding PBN Setup

Written by  on July 26, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year 2018 BHW :)

Written by  on February 15, 2018

My First CNY Celebration as BHW Member…
the forum that takes a big role in my journey! Gbu guys!
Best Regard's BJS

Sound of desperation – GSA

Written by  on January 18, 2018

one week ago, i buy GSA Software and all requirment to use it. i saw the Mathew's video and try to make a campaign.

After 1 day, there a problem:
-Submited 204 and verified 156 why so low? i dunno what is wrong
-There a message appear that my Private proxy get blocked on Google GB, Google Us and others… why this is happening? i buy 10 private proxy from

FYI: i dont have a list.. its scraping the list alone…

just stop the campaign i think i need to learn again from the…

Sound of desperation – GSA

Old Facebook Acount

Written by  on January 13, 2018

i have a Old Facebook acount that always login in with Country A IP address..

what happen if i changed to another country and login with Country B IP address?

Is there any way that my account can withstand the marks judgment?

FYI, i have around 10-20 old account.

Why i can’t put Google Ads like them?

Written by  on January 6, 2018

Well.. im trying to make a gambling adwords…. but why all of my account suspended? its even make me crazy to saw others people who successfully put that kind of adwords in my country.
what should i do now?

LF: Help with Adwords

Written by  on January 3, 2018

hello… i need a help with google adwords… just pm me if u have a good experience about it!

My First New Year Celebration as BHW member

Written by  on December 31, 2017

i dunno where to start… its been 9 months since im into IM worlds … BHW take a big role in my journey… i hope there will be another new years celebration as this forum member…

Happy new year guys!

Hope there will be no more bullshit in 2018!


My Facebook Advert Account Disabled

Written by  on December 27, 2017

is there anyone who faced something like this?
my fb ads account disabled, all of my ads not delivered. but why my balance keep running?

is that mean my ads still on?