Help me analyze my fb ads traffic please

Written by  on June 25, 2018

Having a hard time getting traffic

Written by  on June 21, 2018

tried many niches no sales or traffic

Written by  on June 4, 2018

cloth niche

Written by  on May 28, 2018

hi is anyone doing cloth niche here? i started my shop but no one visits it. i have some cool
t-shirt designs in my store. i've been targeting teens with instagram following but no traffic at
all. is this a dead niche or something?

How can i get free traffic?

Written by  on May 27, 2018

Hi i have my shopify store ready. but now i need to know how i can have traffic.
people talk about adwords and fb ads. but i don't have the budget to invest on them now.
so i was wondering if there are any alternative free ways?

I've been trying to follow people in instagram 24/7 that are following big stores
but with that i only get 2 people per day visiting my shop.
Any tips?

will instagram work with dropshipping?

Written by  on May 24, 2018

Hi i am kinda new in this and i read some guides and most of them use facebook Ads to start. but my budget isnt that high

so im wondering if instagram will work well with dropshipping by following people following my niche? what do you guys think?

I want to learn and start. need advice if possible

Written by  on May 23, 2018

i don't know where to begin to be honest
I have found a product in aliexpress.
to sell in ebay. But how do i know if the supplier
has shipped it to the customer, or the customer has received
the item? ias far as im aware i do not have control on that.

e-commerce questions

Written by  on May 21, 2018

Hello i'm kinda new into this e-commerce thing tbh. but i heard it much more about it recently
so i took a look in aliexpress and found an item people might like. But I never made this so i have some questions.

Will this get me in trouble somehow? is this legal?
Can i make a new order everytime with the buyer's address? or i need to ship it directly to my home
then re-ship it to customer?
can ebay suspend my account if they find out i'm reselling from aliexpress?