Need Professional Opinion of domain broker

Written by  on March 9, 2018

Are there any professional domain brokers on here who can just assist me with how to counter offer a fairly large (in the thousands) inital offer on one of my domains (not one i had up for sale just owned).

Anyone still using MP

Written by  on January 19, 2018

Anyone still using them?

VA Dev’s or Marketing workers looking who are familiar with the crypto space

Written by  on January 13, 2018

Need someone to do a wide range of jobs depending on their skill, previous cryptocurrency experience is a necessity, VA's to handle and aggregate different crypto related social news/accounts. Anyone with crypto investor data or network are also free to apply.

Looking for ui/ux/wordpress devs that are familiar with crypto plugins etc.

Coin devs are huge as well, as are people heavily involved in forums, chats, etc.