Anyone have the low down on a BITLY generator?

Written by  on March 19, 2018

I've asked about bots in the recent past but I felt others could benefit from hive mind.

Thank being said, BITLY generator advice anyone?

myadtools closure / alternative tools?

Written by  on February 3, 2018

Hello, all. This topic has recently (briefly) been discussed but anyone know of alternatives to using myadtool's suite of bots? Trying to figure out what options are out there. Thanks for your input!

Yet another newbie saying hello for the 1st time!

Written by  on January 31, 2018

Lurking for years and years.. finally stepping out of the shadows. I've been in the "industry" for 7+ years so it's about time!

Thank you for the opportunity introduce myself, hoping to become an active member of the BHW community!
FYI, I'm always in the market for Yahoo PVA LSE (less secure enabled) among other resources.