how to find IP of facebook user

Written by  on April 26, 2018

hi..hope this is the right platform

is there a way to get the location of a Facebook user?

how to find IP of facebook user

Written by  on April 26, 2018

hi..hope this is the right platform

is there a way to get the location of a Facebook user?

any way to find competitors focus keyword?

Written by  on April 24, 2018

Hi is there is any way to find out what focus keyword a competitor is using on yoast? or rather what keyword phrase the competitor is mainly ranking for?

what type of a backlink is this? and how do i create it

Written by  on April 23, 2018

Hi theres a site was chekcing on ahrefs

it has a backlink from the following website which is like a non profit site.

The link on ahrefs says that its an image backlink, when i go to the source url of the backlink , i cant find the actual backlink

anyone knows about this? and how can i create a similar backlink

few clicks but no affiliate

Written by  on April 20, 2018


I have managed to get approx 100 clicks over the past month..i know his maybe very low..but it's a fairly new site..

but still not a single that normal?

could anyone with experience comment thanks

Some advise from a newbie

Written by  on April 3, 2018

Hi guys,
I thought id give a small piece of advise that has helped me a bit though im sure many know this already..

After you write many posts for a new blog and once you see you rankings coming in..I suggest to analyse each page and compare your pages to each other.. Look at your keyword density, writing style, interlinks, outgoing links, LSI keywords and ofcourse the inbound links.

Do this with all your pages and try to make out if theres any correlation with the rankings..Then replicate…

Some advise from a newbie

facebook bot settings

Written by  on April 1, 2018

Can anyone tell me what are the optimum bot settings if you are using jarvee or massplanner or any FB account keeps getting blocked, its a PVA account and im using a proxy on it thanks

how can i avoid my FB accounts from being blocked?

Written by  on March 31, 2018

Its very common that new accounts are being blocked by FB
even genuine new accounts are being blocked.. is there anyway to start a FB page and not get blocked these days?
are there things we shud not be doing with new FB accounts?

how to make FB friends

Written by  on March 31, 2018

as dumb as this questions sounds..could someone help..

I'm trying to create new FB profiles but it seems very difficult to add new friends..the account keeps getting blocked if I add even more than 3 friends

is there any better way of getting more friends fast for a new account?

what do you guys do when rankings drop

Written by  on March 30, 2018


what's the best practice to do once you notice your rankings begin to drop gradually?
some of my pages gained rankings but then are beginning to fall gradually

to prevent then falling further. .what's the best step to go forward?