YTMonster = rank ? Other ways to rank?

Written by  on March 19, 2018

Did you guys ranked anything using solely YTMonster or other traffic exchange program?

Do you know any other ways to rank video without actually buying views from panels??

Buying views NOT WORKING ?

Written by  on March 16, 2018

Am I the only one to notice that buying views don't help boosting video at all?
Tried different panels, views come in but don't boost the video..

Which Views to buy now…?

Written by  on March 16, 2018

Hey ! Before all these problems when every seller was down, I could rank my videos a little, by buying views from panels on BHW.
I tried 12+ different views providers. The ones I can recommend (they worked for me) are:

– CSA, – Greensocials, – Social media garden, – Top4smm
(alphabetical order)

I don't want to make bad opinion for other panels, I can only tell that if I was looking for views, I would always stick ONLY to these 4 mentioned above, and won't go with any other else no more…

Which Views to buy now…?

Bulk email software that delivers to gmail?

Written by  on March 14, 2018

Im looking for a software/provider which allow me to send bulk emails that actually reach gmail boxes. I used Mailchimp, but deliverability is less than average…

I got my email list from people who gave me their email by their own, so its definitely not spam

Do you know of any software/website that allows you to reach gmail boxes?


How to BULK deliver to ??

Written by  on March 6, 2018

Hey I've got mailing list of over 50k potential customers and I want to send them e-mail with my link, but as we all know sending that many emails with the same link will end up putting these emails in junk box real quick (in the best scenario). Also it may be treated as a spam, I dont mind it since I live in Europe but Id like to avoid any stresses.

I don't mind sending 500 a day, I just have to be sure that e-mails end up in regular inbox and are opened.

I'm sure you guys did this…

How to BULK deliver to ??

Need service which deliver to

Written by  on March 6, 2018

Hey I got mailing list of potential customers; 20-50k + emails, mostly

I need someone who have software/offer service to send emails to gmail with link, and can ensure that at least half will end up in regular inbox instead of spam.



Need help with Instagram ADs

Written by  on March 2, 2018

Hey I want to create Instagram ADs, I got instagram links (profile urls) i'd like to target, is it possible to target them directly?

If not, I've got e-mails. I know I can set up campaign for these e-mails, but how about targeting people who are a-like to those in my e-mail list?


* Bonus – I also have twitter usernames, how to target alike-audience with that?

What customer database software to use?

Written by  on February 27, 2018

Like in title. Now I have about 50 customers, but I'm expanding and I need to have a software that would simply remind me who to contact a specific day,

for example I want to contact 10 of my customers in the end of February, and that would be cool if my software remind me to contact them.

And just to help me organize my database, so I won't manually seek for people to re-engage with

I want to keep an eye on my customers, keep in touch (not neccesarily through e-mail), and know where to…

What customer database software to use?

Twitter Drip feed real looking engagement?

Written by  on February 23, 2018

Hey some people ask me to do promo for them on twitter that means repost etc.

I want to create that real looking drip feed engagement added to that tweet constantly so they will come back for more promo to me

+ if you know of any similar service for Soundcloud that would be great :)

I thought about something like addmefast, engagement groups etc. rather than just buying likes & comments via panel

And of course I want REAL people liking, replying etc – no bots

Do you know of any?

Need send bulk e-mail with gmail to gmail!

Written by  on January 31, 2018

I need to send bulk emails (500 a day is maximum) to people who have gmail accounts.

I tried with my own gmail, as I read that you can send 500 a day. I said okay, let's try it. Sent bulk 1 (100 at once) – success. Sent another 100 – success. Sent another 100- BOUNCED.

Won't send bulk from this gmail anymore. Tried with different gmail account – doesn't allow me (the same text, the same link – to youtube btw. ) I think because of the same IP.

But I need to send email from gmail…

Need send bulk e-mail with gmail to gmail!