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Best real likes similar to Fuelgram?

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How much for an account with 1k+ followers?

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Currently looking for an Instagram account for Fuelgram with 1k+ followers & 10 posts with real engagement + followers.

How much money would you say that I have to spend?


Best way to get a “provider account”/second account for Fuelgram?

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Hey there lads,

so i'm currently struggling with finding a provider account for my Fuelgram Like-groups.
(groups: blogger & 1k+ followers)

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, the rules are quite simple:

– Accounts should be active and posting regularly.
– Accounts should also have a good level of engagement (number of likes) on your posts.
– Accounts are required to have a minimum of 10 posts.
– Accounts must be at least 1 week old.
– Accounts CANNOT have…

Best way to get a "provider account"/second account for Fuelgram?

Smaller engagement groups?

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Hey there community,

so first of all I would like to mention that i'm still quite new to this whole instagram growing, however, I was wondering where exactly I can find smaller engagement group for a personal niche. I've just discovered telegram and all I can seem to find is all these huge groups with thousands of members. (..found an 10 month old reddit post from 2017 where the biggest are listed..)

Should I just try to join these very big ones, or are there actually smaller once?

Good “Social Media Exchange Sites” for Instagram?

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Hello dear community,

I was wondering if anyone of you might know similar social media exchange sites such as or the app Magic Tags? Basically the simple way of liking others content in order to get credit that you can spend on your own content.

Every answer really is appreciated, thanks!

Good Quality Followers?

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Hi dear community,

Im currently working on a personal account with good content and are looking to buy quality authentic followers to later start growing the organic way. However I was wondering if you guys can personally recommend any seller/service of good quality followers?

Answers will be much appreciated!

Real Instagram likes for a personal account?

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Hello everyone,

so I've been lurking around here for a while now and was wondering if some of you maybe can recommend a service where you can buy "real" Instagram likes/follows that look as authentic as possible.(.. not these typical accounts with 20 followers | 4000 following and 3 posts..)

I appreciate any answer really.. currently struggling with growing a personal account from scratch.