WooCommerce Crypto payment gateway?

Written by  on February 14, 2018

Hi guys,

Any reliable and tested bitcoin /crypto payment gateways for Woocommerce?

I would prefer the software to send money directly to a wallet rather than integrate with a 3rd party platform like coinbase,spectrocoin,bitpay – all have woo plugins, but its hard to get a proper account there, pls their fees are so un-neccessary. id definately prefer to get paid to my wallet of choice, example to kraken..


How to bank with trading Cryptoz

Written by  on January 22, 2018

Hi fellas,

Just wanted to share recent experience and would love some inputs from you too

I think Kraken or any good bitcoin wallet+exchange offers an awesome opp to have a virtual bank account. I personally use Kraken to store and trade. One great feature I like is that i'm able to sell and keep a US$ balance.

So now im playing with just 150$, everytime it reaches 160$, swipe out 10$ and stay invested with $150. Like this maybe earn some good amount and keep getting some returns.


How to bank with trading Cryptoz