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Paypal India-Refund Issue after GST

Straight to the point:

After the GST thing, I have noticed one thing. Let's say, if I receive a payment of $20 and that's the only payment for the day on my account. For some reasons, if I choose to refund the amt to the person who sent the money, paypal states" insufficient balance" which was never the case before.

Bottom line- If you choose to refund the money, although paypal will refund their fees, they will keep the GST deducted money with them.

Am I missing something? Has anyone…

Paypal India-Refund Issue after GST

Buying Bitcoin with Phone Credit !!

Hey guys !
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Some people lose their credit every month, so it could be a way for them to get their first bitcoin !

Fees are important on Paypal and others but this is the only website I found to get my phone credit back !

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[Free Giveaway] Non-VoIP USA Numbers To Verify Any Online Account

Hey all,

Today I'm here to give free Non-VoIP USA phone numbers to all those people who need to verify their online account.

1. Comment on Thread
2. Send a PM and if I'm online I will give you number and you need to send me the code, once I receive I will message you back (If not you can add me on skype: live: phoneverification08 )
3. Each member gets 1 number and you can send 2 SMS codes :)
4. Anyone can claim this giveaway

I will only use new numbers. Example- If I…

[Free Giveaway] Non-VoIP USA Numbers To Verify Any Online Account

Buy Quality ~ Gmail – Yahoo – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – Pinterest ~ Accounts PVA/NPVA

Hi BHatters,

You came to the right solution for your Youtube/Facebook marketing needs. We are providing quality Youtube/Facebook accounts and a great support after selling them. We are not here to sell you cheap YT's/FB's for cheap prices and then rip you off for some bucks, infact we are here to build long term relation. We are genuine supplier of Youtube/Facebook Accounts. Try us once and you won't regret!

Many of you have already used our Youtube accounts services before. We are…

Buy Quality ~ Gmail – Yahoo – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – Pinterest ~ Accounts PVA/NPVA

BitCoin Conspiracy : How it will end ? [Opinion]

No Gov. Wants to lose their control over money .
Bitcoin was originally created in order to get rid of centrally controlled traditional money system. Gov. didn't find any way to get any control over bitcoin transactions.

So, Gov. made it illegal but that didn't help the popularity of bitcoin in black markets which rapidly spread to common citizens. Gov. has to come up with a master plan before bitcoin takes over the tradition money.

Bitcoin has a limit that is 21 million up to which it can…

BitCoin Conspiracy : How it will end ? [Opinion]