Will this blogspot method work?

Written by  on January 31, 2018

So this is what I was thinking to do:

1. Make a blog on blogspot about any subject
2. Download some paid ebooks on that subject using torrent
3. Post ebook material on blog with good titles
4. Show ads on blog

How will this work? Is it bad?

Someone who is selling digital goods on ebay. I have some questions

Written by  on January 31, 2018

Hello, i started selling digital goods today and i already got first order from reputable person. He paid and i sent him the code i hope it will go good. Question is what happen if they report me and tell the code i sent them was not working? How can i make this to the perfect to not be scammed because i have perfect niche and i feel like this can work really good. But for first i need to solve this one big issue. Maybe i should contact ebay and tell them what i am going to sell so they will…

Someone who is selling digital goods on ebay. I have some questions

Does Massplanner still work?

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Question above.

Are you guys still useing Massplanner? or another bot now?

and are all Functions working?

Using 2 domain names for a same site

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Hi guys

I am actually a level bellow newbie in site building game. So i learn from bhw and start building a site. Now my site is up and running with domain name . abc.com . but later on i found an expired domain with better backlink profile. which is cde.com . so i though i should point cde.com also to abc.com and promote abc.com. i would like to know which is the better approach.

ps. my exact keyword in abc.com while cde.com have half of it.

Do you know some more forums?

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Hi guys, hope you will help me! Do you know some more forums connected with Internet marketing and affiliate? Pls, give me some top names.


Easy Money, is it reality?

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what was the most epic story in your life connected with easy money?because in my life the most easy money was just found on the streeto_O

Hello BlackHatWorld

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Thanks to google for give me a opurchunity to join BlackHatWorld.

I'm Looking for email lead for USA market. Friends if you have any advice for me please reply me .


Do youconsider these keywords easy ?

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I often finds these types of kw but as i have not made a single successful site , so my first problem is kw and last one is still kw.

I can't differentiate easy kw, i understand medium and high competition but easy kw is still a issue for me.

I am giving a example that i find regularly these types of kw but i want to know what you think about these kw and just approximate budget you need to rank it up ??

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Making a living with my Music – Journey

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Hey guys,

I started making music some years ago. I uploaded the music to youtube and soundcloud – with less succsess.

After the years passed i discovered my passion for music again and this year made 2 tracks in a specific I started using a service to put on my music to all online stores and streaming services.
I contacted playlisters / mixers and upload channels all over the internet.
What can i say – my 2 tracks are going strong. I have 10k daily streams over all platforms and it is…

Making a living with my Music – Journey


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Has anyone tried this for powerlikes? Does it work well?