Making money with DotWriter- My experience

I had seen a lot of posts about sites like iWriter here but very few people mentioned their experiences with alternative websites. In this post I am sharing my experience with DotWriter and how you can make money on the site. I hope content writers on this forum benefit from this post.

What is ?
It is a an online marketplace where one can either sell or buy articles. One can buy from already written content present in marketplace there or request a custom job. Thus as a…

Making money with DotWriter- My experience

[Good way to cloaking, traffic,…]

I have many Agency Facebook and Google adwords accounts for rent. This account helps you promote your business with Facebook and Google ads or drive traffic efficiently. It can spend over $5k a day.
Good for cloaking, traffic, affiliate, news, skin care, nutra, diet…

To the people who grow their accounts without bots

How do you find a list of good people to follow ?
I go in the huge accounts and click on their latest images and go through all of the people that commented, but most of them either have a lot of followers and probably won't follow back or have their accounts set to private. I have just spent 30 minutes going through a few hundred of them but only found 10 people worth following, is there a better way to find a list of people to follow ?

Local Lead Gen Strategy & Story

In a thread posted over a year ago, a user was trying to figure out how he could manage being the "middle-man" of the local lead generation scene, where you rank locally and sell the prospects to the local contractors. More specifically the questions was:

"If I am branding my online entity as one name, and I get a lead, and then that lead meets with a company by another name, then what? Does this create distrust?"

"Secondly, what if that same lead had then…

Local Lead Gen Strategy & Story

firefox profiles & proxy

I recently updated firefox and i created several profiles. And i was going to install different proxy for each one of them.
This part was easy but once i check my ip from "" i see all profiles have the same ip which is my main ip.
How can i install proxy to firefox?
Shall i use older version of firefox as i hear new version doN't let you use multiple proxy .


ps. i am sure the proxies work as i tested them on scrapebox